The neck and décolletage are two hard-to-treat areas that show the most signs of aging. While serums, creams and sunscreens provide excellent protection for the face, the neck and chest areas are often exposed to the sun without the same protection. This leads to wrinkles, dark spots, loss of firmness and more. That’s where NeoStrata Skin Active Triple Firming Neck Cream can help. In his most recent presentation, Joel Schlessinger MD discusses this new firming treatment and how it could benefit your skin.

This firming neck cream diminishes the signs of aging, Joel Schlessinger MD explains.

NeoStrata Skin Active Triple Firming Neck Cream is designed to help reverse the visible signs of aging on the neck and décolletage by building volume and firming sagging skin. This neck cream uses clinically proven ingredients like NeoGlucosamine, NeoCitriate, apple stem cell extract, vitamin E and a pro-amino acid to visibly lift, firm, brighten and plump the neck and chest area. With regular use, this treatment gives the skin a more radiant and youthful glow.

Triple Firming Neck Cream easily fits into any mature skin care regimen, says Joel Schlessinger MD.

For best results, apply NeoStrata Skin Active Triple Firming Neck Cream twice daily. After cleansing, smooth the treatment over your entire neck and décolletage area. Joel Schlessinger MD recommends this neck cream for anyone who wants to address the signs of aging on this hard-to-treat area. Plus, its oil-free and paraben-free formula won’t irritate even the most sensitive skin.

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Dr. Joel Schlessinger weighs in on a recent study that suggests Botox could improve your mood

                                                                                                                                                                 A new study out of Georgetown Medical School suggests that it might be possible to treat depression by relaxing a patient’s facial muscles with Botox. This injectable contracts the muscles, preventing patients from frowning. The research, which will be published in the Journal of Psychiatric Research, followed 74 patients with major depression who were assigned either Botox or a saline placebo. Six weeks later, 52 percent of the subjects who were given Botox showed relief from depression, compared with only 15 percent of those who were given the placebo.

Similar studies have found Botox to have the same effects, Dr. Joel Schlessinger explains.

The results of this study are not entirely unprecedented. A study at Cardiff University found that non-depressed patients at a cosmetic dermatology clinic who received a Botox injection above the eyes frowned less and felt better than those who did not receive Botox. A similar study at the University of Basel found that Botox had a more positive effect than a placebo when given to depressed patients. Further research on the effects of Botox will be able to shed more light on this issue.

Other treatments for depression use similar facial feedback, Dr. Joel Schlessinger shares.

It’s still unclear whether Botox is an effective anti-depressant, but there are a few treatments for depression that use facial feedback in a similar way. Light therapy stimulates the retina, exciting the optic nerve and sending signals directly to the brain. This technique is used to treat seasonal depression. Another method includes direct electrical stimulation of the brain’s vagal nerve, which is thought to have anti-depressant effects.

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Many women struggle with dark spots and sun damage. The best way to create and maintain an even skin tone is to pair an in-office treatment with an advanced skin care regimen. In his most recent presentation, Joel Schlessinger MD answers frequently asked questions about IPL, or intense pulsed light therapy. He also recommends a post-treatment skin care regimen that will help you maintain a healthy complexion.

IPL treatment creates a more even skin tone, Joel Schlessinger MD shares.

The IPL treatment uses an innovative technology that helps diminish the appearance of dark spots, discoloration, freckles and uneven skin tone. This gentle, non-ablative procedure uses broad spectrum light to safely treat sun damage. Great for patients with active lifestyles, IPL therapy requires no downtime and has a very low risk of side effects.

An advanced skin care regimen will help you maintain a healthy complexion, says Joel Schlessinger MD.

After receiving an IPL treatment, it is important to maintain your results with an advanced skin regimen. Joel Schlessinger MD recommends using Retin-A, Refissa, Tretinoin or an over-the-counter retinol along with a brightening system like Obagi Nu-Derm. This 7-piece system reduces the appearance of dark spots with 4% hydroquinone. With continued use, you’ll see results in as little as six weeks.

SkinMedica Retinol Complex 1.0 is an excellent over-the-counter retinol product. It minimizes sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles by increasing cell turnover. This retinol can be mixed with Obagi Nu-Derm Blender for enhanced results.

Finally, Joel Schlessinger MD suggests applying a daily sunscreen to protect your complexion against future damage. Wearing sunscreen every day will help prevent dark spots from returning. EltaMD UV Clear SPF 46 Broad Spectrum Sunscreen is an excellent choice because its gentle, oil-free formula won’t clog pores or cause irritation.

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Dr. Joel Schlessinger discusses common patient misconceptions about fat reduction procedures
When a patient decides to undergo a non-invasive fat reduction procedure like CoolSculpting or VelaShape, sometimes they come into the office with unrealistically high expectations. As a board certified dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Joel Schlessinger is committed to under promising and over delivering results. Before any procedure, he makes sure to sit down with the patient and discuss what results they can expect.

Extreme marketing often affects patient expectations, Dr. Joel Schlessinger explains.

Many doctors avoid offering procedures in their practice if they promise unrealistic results. Dr. Joel Schlessinger says this is because it is often difficult to change the patient’s way of thinking.

“Almost every non-invasive laser or modality to date has been blown way out of proportion by the company and reps and had no chance of reputation repair by the clinician by the time it was popularized,” he says.

The media also popularizes procedures, leading patients to expect more drastic results.

“The ‘Oprah Effect’ and now the ‘Dr. Oz Effect’ have also inflated and then deflated numerous procedures.”

Dr. Joel Schlessinger says these unrealistic expectations aren’t caused by one specific company.

The cosmetic industry as a whole has warped the public’s view of laser procedures. Dr. Joel Schlessinger says patients shouldn’t be deterred from non-invasive fat treatments, as long as they know what results to expect.

“There is so much misinformation by the companies—and now unethical clinics and medispas—that it may be out of control and unsalvageable,” he says. “Non-invasive fat treatments have some utility, but the industry is engaging in a game of one-upmanship that could derail and/or destroy any public faith in these products.”

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Everyone’s skin can benefit from an antioxidant serum. Antioxidants protect the complexion against environmental damage caused by pollution, smoke, the sun and more. In his most recent presentation, Joel Schlessinger MD shares how SkinCeuticals’s newest antioxidant serum can benefit your skin.

This antioxidant treatment protects your skin while you sleep, Joel Schlessinger MD explains.

SkinCeuticals Resveratrol B E uses the antioxidant power of red grapes to strengthen, repair and protect skin. Active ingredients in this concentrated serum also help boost the skin’s antioxidant defense system to help your complexion repair itself overnight. Resveratrol B E is different from other treatment serums because it offers the triple antioxidant power of resveratrol, baicalin and vitamin E to repair and prevent damage. This serum also uses an innovative delivery system to help these active ingredients work deep into skin.

Joel Schlessinger MD shares how SkinCeuticals Resveratrol  B E helps minimize the signs of damage.

This nighttime treatment repairs skin while protecting the complexion from future damage. With regular use of Resveratrol B E, you’ll see a visible improvement in skin smoothness, firmness, clarity, density and overall radiance.

Because Resveratrol B E is not meant for morning use, Joel Schlessinger MD recommends pairing this product with SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic for all-day protection. In the morning after cleansing and toning, apply four to five drops of C E Ferulic to your face and neck. Then after cleansing at night, apply one to two pumps of Resveratrol B E to your face and neck.

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When it comes to skin care, it’s important to treat the skin on your body as well as you treat your face. Areas like the neck, chest and hands are often neglected in the way of treatments. Body treatments provide the rest of your skin with firming, anti-aging, hydrating and other skin care benefits. In his most recent presentation, Joel Schlessinger MD discusses body treatments and how to choose the right one for your concerns.

Body treatments can diminish signs of aging on hard-to-treat areas, Joel Schlessinger MD explains.

The neck, décolletage and hands are all areas where most people forget to apply sunscreen. This leads to sun damage down the road. Body treatments can help firm, tighten and brighten, giving your skin a more youthful appearance. For an all-in-one treatment to target the neck, chest and hands, Joel Schlessinger MD recommends NIA24 Sun Damage Repair for Décolletage and Hands. This anti-aging cream diminishes dark spots and plumps thinning skin.

Joel Schlessinger MD also recommends body treatments to treat specific skin concerns.

Body treatments can also improve the symptoms of common skin conditions. FixMySkin Healing Body Balm Unscented with 1% Hydrocortisone soothes dry skin, psoriasis, eczema, insect bites, poison ivy, seborrheic dermatitis and more. The hydrocortisone in this balm goes beyond moisturizing to treat and heal itchy, irritated skin.

Joel Schlessinger MD recommends Glytone Body Retexturize KP Kit to improve the rough, bumpy skin associated with keratosis pilaris. The exfoliating products in this kit are formulated with glycolic acid to promote healthy skin renewal.

Finally, DerMend Moisturizing Bruise Formula helps improve the appearance of bruised skin with key ingredients like retinol, ceramides, alpha hydroxy acids, and niacinamide.

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Complete skin renewal is possible to achieve without making an appointment at the spa. PMD Personal Microderm Device is a microdermabrasion tool that yields professional-quality results from the comfort of your own home. In his most recent presentation, Joel Schlessinger MD shares how to use the PMD device and what results you can expect.

This at-home microdermabrasion tool rejuvenates the complexion, Joel Schlessinger MD explains.

PMD Personal Microderm Device unclogs pores, improves skin tone, smooths a rough texture, diminishes blemishes and minimizes wrinkles. This tool offers three exfoliating discs that provide different levels of renewal, allowing you to control your own treatment. The blue discs provide sensitive treatment, the green discs provide medium treatment and the red discs provide maximum treatment. For best results, start with the blue discs first, then work your way up to the green and red discs.

PMD Personal Microderm Device makes skin renewal quick and easy, says Joel Schlessinger MD.

This at-home microdermabrasion tool is simple to use. Start by cleansing your skin and patting it dry. Use your free hand to put your skin taut, creating a smooth surface for the tool to glide across. Move the PMD device in an upward motion across the skin. Keep the device moving at all times and do not make more than two passes over one area during the treatment. PMD Personal Microderm Device can be used once a week.

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Everyone has at least one mole. These marks can be any irregularity or dark spot on the skin, such as a birthmark. Most moles are harmless and don’t change, but others can show early symptoms of melanoma. In his most recent presentation, Joel Schlessinger MD discusses how to distinguish harmless moles from dangerous ones.

Safe sun practices and proper skin care can protect you from dangerous moles, Joel Schlessinger MD says.

Protecting yourself from harmful sun exposure can prevent moles from developing into skin cancer. Wear sunscreen and protective clothing to shield your skin. Another way to keep yourself safe is to avoid tanning booths.

Recognize the warning signs of dangerous moles by using the ABCDE rule. Look for moles with asymmetry, where one half doesn’t match the other half in shape. Next, check for moles with ragged, blurred or irregular borders. Watch out for marks with uneven coloration, more than one color or unusual color. Pay attention to moles with a diameter larger than 6 millimeters, or the size of a pencil eraser. Finally, keep track of evolving moles that change or grow in shape over time.

Scar treatments can minimize marks left behind after mole removal, Joel Schlessinger MD explains.

Joel Schlessinger is an expert in skin cancer evaluation. As a board-certified dermatologist, he is skilled at assessing dangerous moles and removing them if necessary. If you do need a mole removed, there are several scar treatments that can help diminish the appearance of scarring.

SkinMedica Scar Recovery Gel is clinically proven to address multiple phases of scar formation to improve the overall healing process. You’ll see softer, smoother skin with less noticeable scarring with continued use. To conceal and heal post-procedure scars, Joel Schlessinger MD recommends Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation. This breathable foundation stimulates cell growth and soothes stressed skin to minimize scar formation. Plus, the formula is gentle enough to use immediately after procedures.

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As the weather gets warmer, it’s time to prepare for sandal-ready feet. In the winter, dry air depletes skin of essential moisture, causing feet to become rough, cracked and worn. Luckily, Clarisonic’s newest skin care tool is designed to address this very problem. In his most recent presentation, Joel Schlessinger MD answers frequently asked questions about the Clarisonic Pedi Sonic Foot Transformation System.

This skin care tool will soften hardened heels just in time for spring, Joel Schlessinger MD explains.

The Clarisonic Pedi System is designed to smooth and soften rough feet from the comfort of your own home. This set helps you achieve smooth and sandal-ready heels. The full kit includes the device, a smoothing disc, a buffing brush, a hydrating balm, an exfoliating treatment and a foot peel.

Joel Schlessinger MD recommends using the buffing brush as a daily treatment for rough soles. Twice weekly, use the smoothing disc on hardened areas that need a little extra attention.

The Clarisonic Pedi is specifically designed for use on the feet, Joel Schlessinger MD says.

Like all Clarisonic devices, the Pedi is equipped with technology that really works. It features three speeds and an adjustable timer. The system is also water-resistant so it can be used in the shower. However, Clarisonic facial brush heads will not work with this skin care tool. The Pedi device is built with a different motor that is only safe for use on the feet.

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If you have a red, irritated complexion, your skin care products could be to blame. Fragrance is a common irritant that can aggravate sensitive skin. Luckily, there are a wide variety of fragrance-free skin care products available for those with sensitive complexions. In a recent presentation, Joel Schlessinger MD explains how going fragrance-free can benefit your skin.

Red and reactive skin types should avoid products with fragrances, Joel Schlessinger MD explains.

Irritation can occur whether the product’s scent is natural or synthetic. Added fragrances are especially harsh on allergy-prone skin and anyone battling eczema, rosacea or psoriasis. If your skin is red or reactive, Joel Schlessinger MD suggests switching to fragrance-free products, which could help you avoid irritation and inflammation.

Joel Schlessinger MD recommends choosing gentle formulas that soothe sensitive skin.

Joel Schlessinger MD suggests cleansing with a gentle face wash like La Roche-Posay Toleriane Purifying Foaming Cream, which will not disrupt the balance of your skin. This soothing cleanser calms redness while removing makeup, oil and other debris.

FixMySkin Healing Body Balm Unscented with 1% Hydrocortisone is the perfect solution for dry, chapped skin. This fragrance-free balm hydrates and heals the symptoms of dry skin, chapped lips, psoriasis, eczema, allergic skin reactions and more.

Joel Schlessinger MD also recommends a sensitive skin care cream to moisturize extremely dry, dehydrated and reactive complexions. Vanicream Moisturizing Skin Cream soothes itching and irritation while maintaining the skin’s natural moisture levels.

Soothe dehydrated hands with CeraVe Therapeutic Hand Cream. This hand cream uses ceramides to help repair, restore and protect skin from harmful irritants.

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